The Spokane Morgan Club (SMC) is primarily for riding trail horses now as a group a few times a year for fun.  Dragoon Morgans is the only Morgan folks left here in this club who show our Morgans in the Spokane and eastern Washington area at the Spokane fair, other fairs and B shows so folks can see Morgans in action.  (There is one other breeder who is not a member of SMC but still shows their Morgans regularly at the Spokane fair as well.)

SMC does maintain the Morgans Horses We Love page on Facebook as well as the Spokane Morgan Club page showing Morgans for sale in this region.  We voted as a group to let the SMC web page go when folks were no longer showing or getting off their farms with their Morgans in the area.  The does come back to our web site here so we can still promote Morgans as a breed.

Looking for more Morgans for sale:  We do have some Morgan breeders in the area so please look for their ads on such web sites as:

For Morgan Horse breed information please see the American Morgan Horse Club web site:

Did you know that the Morgan Horse breed started in 1789 in Vermont?  They are the first American breed of horse.