FOR SALE:  Sunshade Chain of Command or Sterling is a 15.1H, 1100 pound,registered broke Morgan gelding.  I believe he is 15 this years without pulling his papers.

Sterling has been ridden dressage, hunt and Western as well as trails.  This is a very sweet horse who loves people but he has energy so not for a beginning rider.  He prefers one rider so looking for a trail horse home for him.  This horse loves working!  The more attention he can get the better. 

I am looking for a special home who knows Morgans so let me know of your experience and where he would be kept or stabled please.

We took him to our largest fair last year and he did really great with all that chaos of dodging classes to get in and out of the show ring, strollers and kids screaming and more.  He has been shown in the past but never at a fair which is always more busy than a regular horse show.  Nothing bothered him at all.  Just a nice gelding with a great brain.

​He has no vices so no bite, kick or buck, etc.

Asking $2,500 and his price will increase with more training until sold.

Contact Margo at 509-796-2140 and leave a voicemail for more details please.  Direct email is faster: