Our Jake is NOT for sale but standing at stud only.   Sorry, we do not know of any mini mules or mini donkeys for sale but Jake can help your girl make some!

Chimera's Black Jack or Jake is 34" tall, a black jack with gold highlights with a very prominent cross and a very funny boy with a wonderful personality.  As he sheds out this year I will take some conformation shots of him plus share shots here as he is shown.  He is registered.  (We do not have any babies of his for sale yet.)

Jake also volunteers with Rough Start Horse Rescue and their events so he can be mauled by kids and have their photos taken with him for a fundraiser for the horse rescue to help them feed their homeless horses.  He will be at their booth and petting zoo at the Reardan Mule Days every late May in Reardan, Wash.  Jake loves kids and people of all ages.

We lost our older Chance jack to old age in January 2016 and it took some time to find this adorable jack.  We will never be able to replace Chance whom we adored, but Jake is just as sweet and funny.  We had to sweet talk the breeder into letting Jake come live with us he is that nice of a jack.

We had a lot of fun taking him to local fairs and shows that offer donkey classes.  We even loaned him out to be part of a living nativity scene in December 2016.  They said he did great with everyone, even those new to leading around donkeys.  Jake won Grand Champion MIni Jack Donkey at our local fair in September for two years in a row and Reserve Grand before that.  Those are the only all donkey classes around and he keeps winning!  He handled all the parades, shows, fairs or anything we ask him to do very nicely.  Jake is always mauled by everyone before and after his classes.  He is such a sweet guy that everyone loves on him every time he goes anyplace.  Jake keps winning his in hand trail classes against other donkeys too.

This is just a fun boy with nice conformation and a great personality to boot.  Folks should breed to Jake for mini mules and mini donkey foals when they are very sweet babies like him.

This charming guy is simply adorable and fun.  We are enjoying his company

at the farm here being well mannered even for being a jack.

Jake stands to jennies or mini horses to make mini mules.  His stud

fee is $300 plus $3 jenny or mini mare care or bring some grass hay for a

month.  Live cover only please.  Will trade his stud fee for tack or ???

Email is best when I am out working horses.  Visitors welcome by

appointment in advance please.  Direct email: dragoonfr@hotmail.com

Right:  Thanks Pat for showing Jake in halter at the Pend Oreille County Fair in 2018 where he won Grand Champion Mini.  I was showing one of our horses so needed some help when they had back-to-back classes.

Above:  Jake, front, and his wife Ellie often mow in our dog runs here.

Below: Jake's newborn babies for 2016, a little jack and a jenny.  They belong to the breeder where we got Jake and are not for sale as far as we know.