See our dog rescue here:

1. Marvelous Quest, four year old bay stallion for sale to Morgan farm with registered Morgan broodmares. He should stay a stallion.  See Quest's page on this site.

2. Cremello Morgan Gelding, Jay is for sale to the best home.

3. See more great riding horses of all breeds for adoption with our friends at Rough Start Horse Rescue located near Spokane.  Their main site is below or find them on Facebook.  This is not our horse rescue.  We are volunteers. 

Below:  This is our registered mini donkey Jake or Chimera's Black Jake at stud to mini horse for mini mules or mini donkeys.  See his page on our site for details.

All photos on this web site marked as are taken by Margo Mossburg of Dragoon Morgans & Studios.  No photos may be copied or used anywhere else without written permission.

We still run the Spokane Morgan Club, but

most folks here want to trail ride rather than show or breed their Morgans so we meet for trail rides for fun a few times a year.

 Want to find a registered or part bred or grade Morgan?  We started and maintain  the huge Morgan Horses We Love (formerly Morgans for Sale) page on Facebook to showcase Morgans of all ages, divisions and bloodlines.  Check out that group on Facebook if you are looking for any Morgans in the United States.

Marvelous Quest, blood bay, Morgan stallion, is four this year.  Quest is now standing at stud to the public at an introductory rate of $500 plus mare care.  Will trade his stud fee for tack.  Quest will mature around 15.1H and 1,000 pounds when he is gone growing up in a few more years.  The plan is to breed him to our broodmare this year!

Send a message at our contact information below.

Welcome to Dragoon Morgans & Studios, Spokane, Wash

We are a small breeding farm located near Spokane, Washington.  After growing up in the Morgan breed and working with my family's Morgan show stable and breeding farm the love of this breed has never gone away since the 1960s.  We concentrate on old style, typey Morgans here with a lot of Foundation and show lines including Marvelous, Beamington, Flyhawk, UVM, Upwey Ben Don and more.  We always enjoy company, but by appointment in advance please because we run a dog rescue at the farm as well.  We do a lot of events all year long to adopt out rescued wiener dogs with Dachshund Rescue NW since 1991 and have rehomed over 2,000 dogs.  Email at least a week or two in advance please. The email and phone are near our names below.   We are rarely near the phone here when the sun is shining because we are out working horses or the rescued dogs plus doing farm work.   Find our Dragoon Morgans page our Facebook for current photos and events.


​Dragoon Morgans

Sale Ads Below:


Morgans can do it all.  We like to show open shows and fairs to get this breed out there in the Spokane, Washington area.  The goal is to show off Morgans can do it well against all other breeds.  Plus getting some champion ribbons is always fun along the way especially under a judge from another breed in larger classes than one breed shows now.

Margo is a longtime volunteer with Rough Start Horse Rescue of Edwall, Washington since 2010 to help them place their homeless horses by working and fostering rescued horses and taking event photos, etc.  Rough Start's web site: 

We also rescue wiener dogs here since 1991 with Dachshund Rescue NW.  We have now placed over 2,000 homeless Dachshunds and place around 150 each year from our small farm.  To see more about our dog rescue find us on Facebook or  Folks do need to make appointments in advance to visit us here so they are not chomped!

​This is our cremello Morgan gelding Jay, above and below., at stud to all breeds.  Jay came up infertile so he was gelded in April 2019.  So sad we never got a colt out of him for us but we still have our sweet boy.

Thanks for exploring our site.

Dennis and Margo Mossburg

​Spokane, Wash.

509-796-2140 message phone only.  Email is best:

dragoonfr @ (remove spaces)